Why is Chickadee Wireless investing in Fiber Optic Technology?

Wireless internet is subject to interference from weather, trees and "patchy" performance from over use. Copper telephone wires have been in service for over 100 years. It's used for DSL internet service, and is prone to damage from corrosion, heat, and weather; and it's about time for an upgrade. Fiber-optics is the fastest, most reliable technology in the world for delivering internet service to homes and businesses. Fiber Internet is up to 100x faster than anything else. Guaranteed!

Entertainment - Fiber internet allows you to seamlessly experience web browsing, HD video streaming, and online gaming. Play against or cooperatively with players around the world or watch HD videos and movies without worrying about your connection slowing down, even on nights and weekends when everyone is online.

Work-from-home - Work from home hassle-free. No more long waits to upload or send large files and documents. Even video conferencing is made easy and reliable.

Perfect for Business - With fiber, typical issues such as slow upload speeds or server disconnect issues are almost entirely impossible. Even during peak times, when everyone is using the internet, your business will keep going strong.